Training Institute

Vocational English Skills Learning (VESL) & Job Placement

ICF has created a specialized VESL program that assists immigrants and refugees find meaningful employment in the U.S. labor market by providing them with sufficient training in ESL so that they are able to utilize their education and technical skills, which they bring from their native countries.
VESL curriculum gives students the language they need to identify transferable job skills, their strengths and weaknesses and possible job goals as well as to become better communicators in a work setting.

Curriculum includes lessons in English grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as American business culture and employability. The course is a 8 weeks and admission is based on low-income qualifications.

Schedule: class2

The class meets 4 times a week -
Days: Monday – Thursday
Time: 6pm-9pm

*Total 12 hours a week (8 weeks of instruction)

US Citizenship Exam Prep Class

ICF offers US Citizenship Exam Preparation classes that help students prepare to take the citizenship exam.  The class provides instruction on completing the application, interviewing, and developing U.S. history and civics knowledge. Students that successfully complete Vocational English Skills Learning (VESL) class automatically qualify to enroll in this class. Otherwise, students who have basic knowledge of English can directly apply for admission to join the class.

 Schedule: class3

The class meets 2 times a week -
Days: Tuesday and Wednesday
Time: 6pm-9pm

*Total 6 hours a week (5 weeks of instruction)

Financial Literacy Class

ICF in collaboration with a local community based organizations, financial institutions, and business partners, provides financial literacy class for economically disadvantaged students. Financial education fosters financial stability for individuals, families, and entire communities. The more people know about credit and banking services, the more likely they are to increase savings, buy homes, and improve their financial health and well-being. Economic indicators shift rapidly and without proper financial knowledge it is often difficult for undereducated members of our community to fall through the loops. To qualify for this class, students have to provide supporting documents for low-income position and benefits.

Schedule: class4

The class meets 2 times a week -
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Time: 6pm-9pm

*Total of 6 hours a week (5 weeks of instruction)


*Class space is limited due to our annual budget, please prepare to apply accordingly to secure your seat.

*To enroll and apply for admission please contact ICF Training Institute at (213) 325-5056 or e-mail: