Community Partner

After School Youth Programs

Immigrants Charitable Foundation (ICF) has partnered with LA’s Best after-school programming at Ramona Elementary School in East Hollywood. ICF will support the program by participating in the planning/design and management/oversight of the program, delivering services, sharing resources, attending meetings and providing feedback on after-school plans.  We will contribute in-kind and leveraged services, facilities, equipment and/or other resources as defined below and in the attached table to ensure implementation under this grant and sustainability of the program.  To this end we will:

  • Participate in planning and development of the Beyond the Bell 21st Century Community Learning Centers local program by attending meetings and/or providing feedback on programming and delivery plans.
  • Help promote the after-school program and recruit participation in the program.
  • Provide a 1-hour workshop each year for the next two years for students and parents on citizenship and/or options for legalizing their residency status.
  • Assign staff person to facilitate the session.
  • Facilitate quality improvement processes and evaluation by participating in related activities and providing access to data as needed during the grant period.
  • Make the contributions/investments toward the after-school program outlined in the attached table and continue to work on sustainability of this program during the term of this grant.

community partner

Immigrants Charitable Foundation (ICF) joined the Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division. The partnership between ICF is for the betterment of Los Angeles’ Hollywood youth programs and tomorrows future is second to none. The Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division currently have over 400 kids in their Explorer youth  and  over 120 kids in our Cadet program. Reconciling common effort to make the community a safer place for all, ICF takes honor and pride in partner up with LAPD Hollywood Division to provide transportation and program support for within the community.