Application and Forms

USCIS uses a large array of forms to allow immigrants and non immigrants to obtain, maintain and improve their immigration status. Some of these forms are very easy to fill out and require very little knowledge of immigration vocabulary. Others, however, present a far more daunting task for an average immigrant. Immigrants Charitable Foundation offers the help of experienced Immigration Specialists to assist you with this process absolutely free of charge. No more costly attorney fees to help you fill out a form… Here, you can count on us to extend a helping hand.

Most applications for immigration benefits are forms that require careful preparation and proper documentation support. To help you avoid a costly mistake that might result in a denial of your application we are proud to offer you our experienced specialists in assisting you in filing your application properly and in a timely fashion at absolutely no cost to you. All we ask is that you provide us with the necessary documents, which will also help you identify, and we will even file it, electronically or by mail, for you.